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   Transportation and Towing Services

Now Offering Dismantler Vehicle Transportation
Please Contact Facility Manager to Coordinate

Our highly trained staff of management and drivers has the knowledge and equipment, background checks and random drug-screens to deliver all of your needs without incident.

Our fleet consists of multiple rollbacks, three (3) and seven (7) car haulers, light duty tow trucks, to name a few, throughout the border of the southwest United States.

RRAA has extensive towing experience, primarily servicing Government Contracts for 30 plus years.

Contact our Transportation Specialists at 855-692-7011 or by email at transport@rodrobertson.com.
We look forward to doing business with you!

RRAA takes pride in offering quality vehicle storage solutions at a competitive price. We provide convenient locations, 24 hour alarm monitoring, camera monitoring, well lighted secure facilities for vehicles of all sizes. Some of our facilities offer indoor storage capabilities.

Our storage services include inventory control, file management and photo documentation for all vehicles that enter our facilities. We utilize our comprehensive database, Robertson Service Invoice (RSI) System to manage our clients inventories and sales. RSI provides easy upload updates for our website advertising and previews for auctions, detailed invoicing and client access to the inventory information.

All pricing must be directed to the Rod Robertson Auto Auction Corporate office.



The evaluation will consist of the condition & a minimum of six photos of the vehicle. It will also include any recommendations for services if the vehicle is rendered for sale.


   Online and Public Auction Services

RRAA conducts monthly live simulcast auctions. Our process provides accurate services but we bring the best price for the seller and the best value to the buyers. On average our public sales attendance runs between 100-500 bidders.


   Maintenance Services

RRAA offers cosmetic & mechanical maintenance services to increase the probability for a successful sale. Services to include but not limited to the following:

    • Wash
    • Vacuum
    • Wax
    • Detail Service
    • Oil change
    • Refill fluids
    • Battery replacement
    • Many other services available

   Consignment Services

Bring in your signed contract and Let Us Sell Your Vehicle!

  • Title- Consigner warrants that Consigner is the sole owner of the vehicle and has the right to sell the vehicle and has good, clear, merchantable title or consent of the lien holder, if any, to sell. Consigner agrees to provide copy of title with this consignment form. Consignor agrees to accept all responsibility for providing a merchantable title within 72 hours before date of the sale. Title will be returned if the vehicle does not sell.
  • Fees- Entry fee is $100.00. No Commission to Consigner. RRAA will remit the proceeds from the sale & if any fees applicable for services requested by Consigner, within 5 business days of the time the buyer submits full payment for the item.
  • Photos – RRAA requires photos of the vehicle for advertisement, sale preparation, etc.  Consigner has the option to either provide digital photos no later than 10 calendar days before day of auction or request RRAA take photos. If Consigner wishes to provide photos he/she must contact the facility for specifications of photos
  • Preview –Vehicle must be delivered to auction yard within 24hours of preview date & must be present for any & all duration of preview day(s) & times.
  • Insurance -Rod Robertson Auto Auction provides no insurance and is not the insurer of any vehicle or other article offered for sale. RRAA assumes no liability for theft, fire, burglary, damages or acts of nature.  Consignor must agree to hold RRAA harmless against such claims. Consigner should provide insurance against all perils and losses. Insurance should be maintained until Consigner has received sale proceeds.  
  • Authorization -By signing this Agreement, Consignor accepts and agrees to be bound to all the provisions hereof including additional terms provided by Rod Robertson Auto Auction. Payment in full is due upon signature of Consignment Agreement & Contract

All consignments must be directed to the Rod Robertson Auto Auction Corporate office.

Contact us at corporate@rodrobertson.com or 855-692-7011
We look forward to doing business with you!


    Repossession Services

Competent, secure, hassle free service.

Contact us at corporate@rodrobertson.com or 855-692-7011
We look forward to doing business with you!
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